Air Quality And Asbestos Testing

Air quality testing can uncover many hidden health hazards in your home. There are a number of toxic substances present in our indoor environment which we are unaware of. Over a period of time, some of these substances can cause us to get very sick e.g. asbestos, mold, lead, etc. Asbestos testing and air quality testing can determine whether your premises may be contaminated.

The Lung Association has identified common air quality issues in each room of your home. Here are the highlights.


  • Moisture can cause mold and odours
  • Gas stoves or ovens release carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and particulates
  • Pressed wood cupboards contain formaldehyde and can cause illness or irritation
  • Cleaning products often contain harsh chemicals that can be inhaled

Living Room

  • New carpets can be a source of formaldehyde
  • Old carpets are a major source of dust, mold, and allergens, such as pet dander
  • Candles and incense can release lead and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including particulate matter
  • Smoking releases toxic chemicals and gases that get trapped in the carpet, drapes, and furniture


  • Moisture and humidity from the shower can encourage mold growth
  • Chemical aerosols from personal care products and air fresheners
  • Many potentially harmful cleaning products are kept under the sink - check the labels


  • Car exhaust contains a host of chemicals and gases that can get into the house; don't run your car in the garage
  • Leaky gasoline containers can produce intoxicating or nauseating fumes
  • Improper storage of old paint cans or pesticides can release toxins and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)


  • Oil and gas furnaces can release carbon monoxide, if not properly maintained
  • Wood stoves can be a source of particulate matter, especially dust and soot
  • Stored paint cans and solvents are a prime source of VOCs
  • Cracked foundations can lead to a build-up of radon in some homes
  • Leaky foundations can lead to mold and other biological contaminants

It is estimated that most Canadians spend more than 70% of their time indoors. Educate yourself about the health hazards (especially asbestos and mold) in your home and take the necessary steps to prevent it from becoming a source of illness. Read here to find out more about the importance of air quality and asbestos testing.

Asbestos Environmental Of Canada (AEOC) provides certified asbestos testing services to confirm if this cancer-causing substance is present in your home or business premises. We also offer air quality testing to ensure your indoor environment is not making you sick.

Call Asbestos Environmental Of Canada at 416-985-5025 to discuss air quality and asbestos testing today.


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