Approved Asbestos Disposal Methods Reduce Risk
Of Exposure

Asbestos Disposal TorontoThe risk of exposure during asbestos disposal is a huge concern as airborne fibres can easily spread and contaminate another area. There are specific guidelines to prevent this from happening. That is why the process of dealing with asbestos waste is a crucial part of the removal plan. It is important to ask the asbestos removal service how they plan to dispose of the discarded materials.

Asbestos Environmental Of Canada (AEOC) provides peace of mind asbestos testing and removal services. We don’t just focus on meeting the standards but aim to exceed them. This includes responsible asbestos disposal. You’ll never have to worry about exposure or contamination.

Asbestos Disposal That Follows Strict Protocol

At AEOC, our asbestos disposal team follows a strict process. We would never compromise your health or that of our employees by taking short cuts. Over the years we’ve instituted our own checks to ensure everything is done correctly.

How do we take care of asbestos disposal?

  • Containers for dust and waste are clearly identified as asbestos waste so that they are appropriately handled.
  • They are dust-tight to prevent the escape of asbestos fibres.
  • They are made of special materials that are impervious to asbestos.
  • These containers are removed from the workplace at regular intervals and immediately on completion of the work.
  • All dust and waste shall be cleaned up and removed using a vacuum equipped with a HEPA filter, or by damp mopping or wet sweeping, and placed in the labelled container.
  • After the work is completed, polyethylene sheeting and similar materials used for barriers and enclosures are dampened and placed in a container to ensure proper disposal.
  • Barriers and portable enclosures are never to be reused unless they are rigid and can be cleaned thoroughly

Asbestos Environmental Of Canada offers asbestos testing and removal services that you can trust. This includes safe and responsible asbestos disposal.


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