Quick and Safe Asbestos Removal from GTA Homes
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Asbestos Removal In TorontoAsbestos removal is a complex process that should be left to certified professionals. Even the slightest disturbance brings with it the risk of releasing air borne fibres which could settle in your lungs. Sealing of contaminated areas, wearing safety gear and having the right asbestos abatement equipment like a high-powered HEPA vacuum are just a few of the crucial steps in the process.

Asbestos Environmental Of Canada (AEOC) has invested in cutting-edge equipment and experienced technicians. Over the years we have perfected our asbestos removal process to ensure maximum effectiveness. You can count on our asbestos remediation experts to resolve your problem in a safe and efficient manner.

Asbestos Removal Methods Tailored To Your Needs

Our asbestos removal is effective because our procedures are tailored to meet the requirement and scope of the remediation project. Small home or large commercial building; we tailor the asbestos removal process to get the job done right.

How does our asbestos removal process work?

  • Before beginning work, visible dust is removed with a damp cloth or a vacuum equipped with a HEPA filter from any surface in the work area.
  • The spread of dust from the work area is controlled by measures appropriate to the work to be done including the use of drop sheets of polyethylene or other suitable material that is impervious to asbestos.
  • In some cases the material is dampened before and kept wet during the process to control the spread of dust or fibres?unless wetting will create a hazard or cause damage.
  • A wetting agent shall be added to water that is to be used to control the spread of dust and fibres.
  • Wet drop sheets are placed in a container
  • Frequently and at regular intervals during work, and immediately on completion, dust and waste is cleaned up and removed using a vacuum equipped with a HEPA filter, or by damp mopping or wet sweeping, and placed in an appropriate container
  • In severe cases, access to the work area is restricted only to individuals wearing protective clothing and equipment.

Asbestos Environmental Of Canada restores an asbestos-free living and working space. Our GTA residential and commercial customers have peace of mind knowing they can breathe clean indoor air once again.


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