Hazardous Asbestos Work Site Exposure In Newfoundland

Asbestos Inspection And Testing Could Have Prevented This Health Liability

Asbestos InspectionA recent scare in Newfoundland has once again highlighted the importance of asbestos inspection at work sites. Five workers of the Town of Carbonear’s public works department were unnecessarily exposed to this carcinogen because of a lack of awareness of its presence in the vinyl siding they were working around. This situation could have been avoided.

Asbestos was initially used in many building materials because of its high durability. Although it is no longer in use, older constructions still contain this highly toxic material. Asbestos testing at work sites (and elsewhere) is the only way to determine the level of risk and prevent this unnecessary exposure.

Why Is An Asbestos Inspection Important?

The level of risk is determined by the amount and type of asbestos and the condition of the product that contains this deadly substance. Finding out whether the asbestos is friable or non-friable is critical.

Material that is friable is one which can be crumbled, pulverized or powdered by hand pressure. If a friable asbestos-containing material is damaged or disturbed, it presents an inhalation risk because asbestos fibres are more easily released into the air. Examples of friable materials include sprayed fireproofing on structural steelwork, or thermal insulation on pipes.

Products in which the asbestos fibres are bound or locked into the product matrix so that the fibres are not readily released, are termed as non-friable. However, abrasion (through sanding or cutting for instance) could release the fibres and increase exposure. Siding and other solid asbestos materials fall into this category.

Only an asbestos inspection can determine the type of problem you are dealing with. It is the employer’s responsibility to determine the level of risk and provide the right protection to employees. In the event of exposure, the employer is also liable for damages.

Do not put your workers or yourself at risk. Asbestos Environmental Of Canada (AEOC) offers professional asbestos testing and removal services in Toronto. Licensed and experienced inspectors ensure a high degree of accuracy and safety in their work. We use the latest asbestos testing equipment and procedures to quickly determine the extent of your problem and the appropriate next steps. Our asbestos inspections are thorough and detailed so we are able to detect even the slightest traces of asbestos.

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