Detailed Mold Reports For Homes And Businesses In The GTA

Mold reports communicate the findings of a mold testing that has been done at your home or business premises. The main purpose is to let you know if there is mold on your property, what type and where. These reports are an integral part of both the mold inspection and remediation process and are usually compiled by a laboratory.

Why are mold reports important?

  1. They interpret mold inspection results in common terms that you can understand
  2. They indicate mold range, and identify active and inactive spores eliminating any unnecessary remediation
  3. They act as a guide for your mold removal process
  4. A mold report can also be an important document during a property sale or certification that the work premises are safe for employees.

Asbestos Environmental Of Canada (AEOC) provides detailed mold reports after every inspection. This way you can ascertain whether you have a mold problem and schedule immediate mold remediation before it takes over your home or affects occupants’ health.

Our Mold Reports Form The Blueprint For Remediation

Mold is present everywhere. However, there are only certain strains that are toxic and need to be removed. Our mold reports pinpoint the exact sources of mold so that you can get to the bottom of the problem.

What will our mold reports tell you?

  • Is there a mold problem?
  • Where and how severe is it?
  • What is the level of risk to building occupants?
  • What is the extent of demolition or cleaning required?
  • What needs to be changed or repaired so that you don’t have the same problem again?
  • Was the remediation successful?

Having all these details helps the mold removal specialists to devise an effective mold remediation plan.

Asbestos Environmental Of Canada provides experienced mold testing, reporting and removal services to home and business owners in the GTA. Licensed inspectors and laboratories put together comprehensive mold reports that have a high degree of accuracy so that you can take the right steps to eliminate the problem.


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