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Comprehensive Mold Testing And Removal Services
In Toronto

Mold can be anywhere - in new homes and old ones as well as in residential and commercial properties. Dampness and wetness caused by the presence of moisture or leaks creates ideal conditions for mold growth. The only way to deal with mold is to determine where it is, what is causing it, the extent of your problem and how to clean it out entirely.

Asbestos Environmental Of Canada (AEOC) offers comprehensive mold services for residential and commercial properties in and around the GTA. If you have noticed green or black spots on the walls or ceiling, a nasty odour or are dealing with dampness, we can help.

Our professional mold services include:

  • Testing

    Expert Mold Testing

    Toronto Mold Testing

    Professional mold testing is the only way to confirm if you have a mold problem.

    Our licensed and experienced mold inspectors conduct detailed testing including air and material sampling to determine where the problem is and exactly what you?re dealing with.

    Findings are verified by an independent laboratory. This is crucial to effective remediation.

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  • Reports

    Detailed Mold Reports

    Detailed Mold Reports

    Mold reports provide a complete explanation of the mold inspection findings. Mold removal procedures are based on these laboratory reports.

    Our detailed but easy-to-understand mold reports document test results and provide a clear picture of next steps.

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  • Removal

    Complete Mold Removal

    Complete Mold Removal

    Whether or not your mold remediation efforts will be successful depends on the mold removal procedure.

    AEOC uses the latest equipment and techniques to ensure maximum effectiveness. We employ several different proven mold removal methods to clean your premises of the toxic substance and to prevent it from recurring.

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Prolonged exposure to mold can result in a number of health problems. If you, your family members or employees have been experiencing respiratory problems, eye or skin irritation, mold might be the possible cause.

Why take a chance with your health? Ask for a mold inspection right away!


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