Asbestos Detected In Toronto Catholic School

Certified Asbestos Inspection Services Reduce Risk Of Unnecessary Exposure

Professional asbestos inspections can help prevent unnecessary exposure as in the case of students and staff in a Toronto Catholic school which was forced to close as remedial measures were taken.

Although only 1.5% of asbestos was discovered in the grout at St. Patrick Catholic Secondary School, (located in the Greenwood and Danforth Avenues area), there was some concern that the dust in the construction area (there was work being done on the swimming pool and change rooms) may have actually entered the ventilation system increasing exposure. The Ministry of Labour asked for asbestos testing in the entire building. Four air ducts had positive results calling for immediate closure and remediation.

Why Toronto Schools Need Asbestos Testing

Prior to knowing that asbestos was a carcinogen (around 30 years ago) it was used in many building, automotive and garden materials including:

  • Hot water pipe insulation
  • Roofing and siding shingles
  • Wall and attic insulation
  • Vinyl floor tiles
  • Soundproofing or decorative material sprayed on walls and ceilings

Buildings built prior to 1990 should, therefore, be presumed to contain the carcinogen and inspected to determine the risk level. Many schools were built before this time. In fact, the Toronto Catholic District School Board says 175 of their 201 buildings fall into this category.

Students and staff spend a large part of their day in school and indoors. Continual exposure to large amounts of asbestos increases their risks of contracting certain types of cancer including asbestos, mesothelioma and lung cancer. Why take a chance with their health or their lives?

If your school building is more than 30 years old, schedule an asbestos inspection right away. It is the only way to determine whether or not you have a problem.

While there are many companies offering asbestos testing in Toronto, it is important to check their credentials. Having the right training and experience reduces the risk of further exposure and contamination.

Asbestos Environmental Of Canada (AEOC) provides certified asbestos testing services to confirm if this deadly substance is present in your school. Our asbestos inspectors are licensed and experienced. They do their job with a high degree of accuracy, always keeping the safety of your students and teachers (and their own) in mind.

If you are looking for certified asbestos inspection services, call Asbestos Environmental Of Canada today at 416-985-5025.


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