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Why Almost All Sinus Infections Are Misdiagnosed and Mistreated

Mold Inspections In Toronto Can Help Change This

A number of mold inspections in Toronto homes have revealed that the sinus infections occupants experienced were caused by exposure to this toxic substance. A study conducted by the Mayo Clinic in Rochester not so long ago found that “the cause of most chronic sinus infections was an immune system response to fungus”.

Mold is present everywhere in your home, especially in wet and damp environments like your:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Laundry room
  • Basement
  • Attic and
  • Behind appliances


You may not even realize it is there. As a result, people with mold sensitivity might experience coughing, wheezing, a stuffy nose and/or eye irritation—symptoms similar to hay fever. Certain allergic reactions, however, are more severe such as allergic fungal sinusitis which results from an inflammatory reaction to fungus in the sinuses. Other symptoms of mold exposure might manifest as skin irritation or headaches.

A professional mold inspection will determine the extent of your problem and the appropriate mold removal method. It is also important to understand that allergic responses can occur from exposure to dead as well as living mold spores. Using bleach or other disinfectants to get rid of mold may, therefore, not prevent allergic responses.

Why You Need Professional Mold Inspection And Removal

Successful mold remediation is closely linked to determining the exact location and the strain. Certified mold inspectors employ their training, experience and the right equipment to pinpoint areas of mold growth that are hard to see and reach. For instance, black mold is a deadly and stubborn strain that needs to be dealt with in a specific way. Mold testing professionals also have the necessary safety gear and techniques to prevent further exposure and contamination.

Are you looking for reliable black mold removal companies?

Asbestos Environmental Of Canada (AEOC) conducts safe and effective mold testing for homes and business all across Toronto. We can help you determine whether mold is causing sinus infections and help you eliminate all traces of it restoring a clean and healthy indoor environment. All our findings are confirmed by an independent laboratory. We also offer a post-mold removal air sampling to ensure a thorough job.

Call Asbestos Environmental Of Canada today at 416-985-5025 for professional mold inspections and removal in Toronto.


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